In 2012 the Government passed The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. This was accompanied by the National Planning Policy Framework. These documents lay down the rules for Planning to be followed by all authorities. The Localism Act was passed at the same time and set basic conditions that Neighbourhood Plans or Orders must meet:

  • Must have appropriate regard to national policy and advice contained in guidance issued by the secretary of state.
  • Must contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.
  • Must be in general conformity with the strategic policies contained in the development plan for the area.
  • Must not breach and be otherwise compatible with EU and Human Rights obligations

At the end of the process any plan will be the subject of a referendum by the Parish Community. Once the Plan has received > 51% of the votes it goes for expert scrutiny to see it matches the above criteria. Once a Plan is adopted it will form part of the Local Development Plan and will be in place until 2031 and beyond.

Funding is available in stages. The first funding went to pay for expert advice to get us started. We are only part way through – there are still stages to be accomplished.

See the stages we are trying to follow. The Project Plan from November 2014 is an early version. There have been updated versions as we have progressed. For example January 2016. The latest version is the January 2017.


April Once any feedback has been discussed the documents will go for Examination by an official NPIERS registered person. This will confirm the document adheres to the various rules and regulations in place. It will then come back to the Parish to be voted on by the...

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December Feedback from the Reg14 Consultation was reviewed through November and discussed. The NP was tweaked with updates and sent to SHDC to re-assess the need for an SEA. SHDC responded on 28th December saying: "I have reviewed the proposed amendments to the NP,...

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In March the first Community Consultation was held. This was to publish the Draft Aims and Objectives to public scrutiny, adjust them with any feedback and present them to the Council for approval. A report was produced. Some 200 people turned up over the 2 days. A...

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In 2014 our consultant put together a Project Plan with the various steps we need to follow and a suggested time-line. The first one was in October. It has guided some of the activities, however the time-line, you will see later, has slipped a bit. During 2015 it...

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From January to March the design of the questionnaires to residents and businesses was finalised. The report in January to the Parish Council contains the 2 questionnaires, the accompanying letter and flyer. A paragraph was put in the February/March Signpost. 1600...

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In January 2013 a paper was presented to the Parish Council setting out the recommendations for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan: Report to Bickleigh Parish An application was made to South Hams District Council for establishing a Neighbourhood Plan Area covering...

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