Planning applications

Bickleigh Parish Council is consulted on all planning applications in the Parish (loosely Woolwell, Roborough and Bickleigh). We’re also consulted on applications that border our area. This may be Plymouth City Council or the Dartmoor National Park.

These applications are considered at our Council meetings and recommendations are made to the relevant Planning Authority. This may be South Hams District Council, Plymouth City Council, Devon County Council or the Dartmoor National Park. We provide input based on our local knowledge and experience. Final decisions are made by the relevant Planning Authority based on everyone’s input.

Most of the applications we see are from South Hams District Council. You can see copies of our recommendations, with all of the other paperwork associated with the application, by following this link to the South Hams website.

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South Hams planning website page

Permitted Development Rights in Woolwell

The area has specific planning requirements which are not necessarily found in other parts of the country. If you intend to do ANYTHING to your property you MUST read this first. The issues revolve around what are called ‘Permitted Development Rights’ (PDR) which have been removed.

When was this (removal of PDR) effective?
From the information available to South Hams District Council it would appear that the removal of PDR within Woolwell was imposed by the attachment of condition(s) to a number of planning applications for residential developments granted conditional approval in the 1980’s.

South Hams District Council have a list of residential developments in Woolwell which have had permitted development rights removed along with a map which details the location of these developments.

Why was it introduced?
PDR are removed when the Local Planning Authority wishes to retain control over any further extension, enlargement or other alteration to a property which is granted planning permission.

Exactly what geographic area is affected? Just Woolwell?
South Hams District Council maps show the extent of the area for which PDR have been removed. Again, please note that this may not be the definitive boundary of properties which have had their permitted development rights removed and there may be other individual/groups of properties which may not benefit from permitted development rights. Therefore, it is always sensible to contact South Hams District Council to check the status of individual properties when development is proposed.

What typical changes to property are affected – garages, doors, windows etc and how?
Typical changes to the property which are affected may include further extensions to the property or further alterations such as replacement/new windows and doors, outbuildings within the curtilage of the property etc. The extent of removal of permitted development rights of properties within Woolwell may vary, therefore it is always sensible to contact the Council for advice in this regard, when development is proposed, and an officer will be able to give informal advice as to whether planning permission is likely to be required.

These special requirements may not be known by the supplier of your intended double glazing, conservatory, extension or solar panels who might assume that permission is not required.

In order to receive a formal determination of the need for planning permission, it is open to residents to submit an application for a lawful development, the forms for which are available to download/submit online via the planning portal.

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What are the practical impacts, ie what do Woolwell residents have to do that others might not have to do?
The main impact of removal of permitted development rights for Woolwell residents is that a planning application would need to be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for certain development proposals, which would usually be classed as permitted development and could normally be carried out without needing to submit a planning application.

Please note, that if the proposal relates to works that require planning permission because of a direction or planning condition removing PDR, then the usual fee for submission of a planning application would not be applicable.

What points of contact do residents have for questions that might affect them?
A Duty Planning Officer is available every week day from 09am – 1am at the Councils offices and can offer general planning advice. Members of the public are invited to phone the Council offices to speak to the Duty Officer for advice or can attend the offices if it is preferable to speak with an Officer in person. Further details of the Duty Planning service is available on the South Hams District Council website.

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Call South Hams District Council on 01803 861234 and ask for Planning.

We hope this information is useful but it answers general questions only; it is not intended to be the definitive work on the subject.