South Hams BT Payphone Kiosk removal – Consultation

The Parish Council has received the follow email

South Hams District Council has been informed by BT that 28 public payphones have been identified for proposed removal in the South Hams district on the basis of low usage. South Hams District Council has therefore been asked to consult with the Parish Council regarding the possible removal the payphone in Tavistock Road, Roborough, PL6 7BD.

In the last twelve months the 23 calls made from the Tavistock Road payphone.

BT advise that there is a 90 day consultation period ending on 8TH October 2019. The process outlined by Ofcom involves:

 1)      Initial notice placed by BT in affected phone boxes between 7th & 8th July 2019 giving local residents 42 days to respond to the ‘Local Authority Planning Department’ with any comments.

 2)      South Hams District Council then conduct a first consultation period to make a decision on comments received and advise of the decision for each affected phone box.

 3)      South Hams District Council publishes its ‘First Notification’ i.e. a draft decision (to Secretary of State) stating whether South Hams District Council agrees with BT’s decision to remove a phone box.

 4)      A one month period is allowed to receive comments on the decisions regarding the affected phone boxes.

 5)      South Hams District Council publishes its second notice (the ‘Final Notification’) which sets out the final decision and reasons behind it prior to submission to BT on 8th October 2019.

The final notice including reasons for objecting to removal must be received by the Secretary of State Culture, Media & Sport and BT priorto the consultation deadline otherwise BT will assume there is no objection to its removal. We are therefore working to a fairly tight timeline and your prompt responses will be much appreciated.

BT has advised a notice was placed on the phone box (see below highlighted in yellow) in your parish by BT on 7th or 8th July giving 42 days to respond and advising any comments be sent to the Local Authority Planning Department. If you have not already made your comments known, Bickleigh Parish Council has until 1ST SEPTEMBER to submit comments to South Hams District Council.

For comments please email


The Parish Council will respond to South Hams District Council stating either:

  1. Adopt the phone box for £1 see
  2. Reject BTs proposal for removal stating why – see pages 8 and 9 of the OFCOM guidance for relevant factors, OR
  3. Confirm we are happy for the phone box to be removed

South Hams District Council will then collate the responses of yours and all 28 phone boxes involves and coordinate a draft notification to the Secretary of State and BT.

Ofcom Plain English Guide – Removal of BT Payphones

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